Tom Ware Speaking

Tom Ware Speaking

Tom Ware – Distinguished Toastmaster


Known as ‘The Prince of Storytellers,’ Tom Ware, DTM has been entertaining audiences for nearly forty years. Tom joined his first Toastmaster club in 1972. He has also been a member of Rostrum Clubs of NSW, the National Speakers Association of Australia, and the Australian Storytellers Guild and is certified at ‘professional standard’ with this last. He was a grand finalist with both Rostrum in 1980 and at the Festival of Sydney in 1982.

Tom’s background is colorful: navy, civil aviation, electrical power, trucker, police, clerical work and even a year as an Antarctic expeditioner. Also known as Tusitala Tom (Polynesian for Storyteller) he is both writer and speaker.  Three of his books can be found on Toastmaster websites: The Raconteur, Speaking to Entertain, Real Storytelling, and Going Outside Toastmasters – A Guide to Giving Effective Presentations Outside of Toastmasters

Over the past thirty-eight years Tom has told his stories to nearly 900 audiences and 47,000 people outside of the Toastmasters environment. Within Toastmasters International he has run workshops on storytelling in Districts 69 QLD/NT, 70 and 90 (NSW/ACT)  District 73 (VIC/SA/TAS/WA)  and District 89 (Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China)

Tom can also be contacted via email on [email protected] or Phone 61 2 9890 2238