Extract from Waitomo Caves Web-Page:​​​​

About Waitomo, New Zealand​

​Waitomo is a Maori word made up of two parts. ‘Wai’ which translates as water and‘tomo’ which means entrance or hole. Waitomo can be translated as the ‘stream which flows into the hole in the ground’. This meaning is reflected through its fantastic geological history and landscape, however it also has a rich tourism and cultural history. As a region it is one of New Zealand’s original tourist destinations.

The Waitomo District, encompassing the ​main town and service centre of Te Kuiti and the townships of Waitomo, Mokau, PioPio, Awakino, Marokopa and Benneydale amongst others, is home to around 9,700 people. The prosperous local economy is built around tourism, farming, mining and forestry.

To book go to – http://www.waitomo.com. An exhilarating underground caving and rafting adventure. Three tours to choose from – namely Black Labyrinth, Black Abyss and all new Black Odyssey, there is something to suit all adventurous spirits.