Judy Uden DTM

District Conference Testimonial – Judy Uden DTM

To be asked to put something together for this is humbling and causes me to reflect on the 16 years in Toastmasters; Why do I attend ?

Because there are always workshops, Key Note speakers, contests and other things happening. The fellowship of meeting people from all over the country some for the first time and others that you only see when you come. People become life long friends and the camaraderie is amazing. The first one I ever attended was Till da Cows come Home in Hamilton. It was when people were going up to receive their DTMs that I decided I wanted to earn it. I have been driven to do it ever since.

I particularly love the social times when we stand around talking laughing and sharing memories.When it comes to meal times it is good to sit with people you have not met before and form new friendships

One of my most memorable experiences was at the after dinner dance on Saturday night. I had spoken with BJ O’Leary and said I wanted to dance with 60 men. He had a chat with Rob Wightman, who after dinner interrupted the band as they were starting up, he introduced a special guest told them of my with and then invited me up to kick start the 60 dances I had so much fun and yes I did get to dance with 60 men. Thank you Rob and BJ I love you both.

Why come to Conferences? Who should come?

Well come for the learning experience. Come for the camaraderie . Come because there is no safer environment to learn and be taught.

This may be my last ever conference but I leave you all wishing you the friendship and love that I have been shown. I hope you all achieve your goals and continue to thrive in Toastamasters.

Judy Uden DTM

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